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Since the beginning when a paddle was used instead of a bare hand for the purpose of playing handball year-round, the interest and popularity of "Paddleball" as we know it today has been accepted and cherished by those who grew up with it. Paddleball is a close community of good yet competitive people who intend to play the sport they love, until their bodies will let them. Sadly, some devoted players have had to give up their preferred sport only because of their subsequent relocation. So these issues produced what we have set forth to be our mission.

The sport of Paddleball has it's history of ups and downs. During it's years, it has brought it's share of excitement, controversy as well as sorrow. At present day, the overwhelming majority of players nationwide are over the age of 30. Some of us are still playing strong nearing our 70's. So this issue transpires into the need to create a renewed interest in our beloved sport and to attract a new generation of players that can continue supporting the sport and one day, give it it's deserved recognition. The way to achieve this is by learning from previous mistakes and work towards improving it's image and respect. All players including our veteran players all agree with this concept. Efforts needed for this accomplishment include the responsible leadership from those considered influential in our sport. Examples should be set and a combined effort for the benefit of all should be a priority.  Effectiveness will also be achieved with a nationwide effort to keep our sport alive and healthy. This can be enhanced by a show of honest, un-selfish, safe and reliable participation from everyone. Eventually Paddleball should be seen in schools and parks where our children can someday exemplify what we have worked for. When this is achieved, it will produce proud support by commercial establishments on both local and national levels. This achievement will be something all players will be proud of. We stand in favor of these goals and will support anyone who would like to offer their efforts to reach them.

"Keep healthy, play Paddleball"

Henry Marquez

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